Battle axe

“Your bees love you.” So why is it that I’m suited and booted to the hilt. My bright yellow, triple layered head-to-toe suit, every gap Velcro-ed or zipped shut AND clad in leather gloves and wellies when temperatures are reaching record braking temperatures this summer.  I must be giving off a very good impression to… Continue reading Battle axe

Bee-loud glade

He: “We have visitors!” Me: Puzzled silence. “They’ve brought their luggage and moved in!” He continued quickly. Me: “Wow!” Penny dropping. “A swarm. Which box?” “They were very loud. It was like an airplane directly over my head.” He said excitedly ignoring my question. “I looked up and there was a massive amount of bees… Continue reading Bee-loud glade

Loose wire

As I pace up and down the pavement and I wonder if I too have a wire loose. Is there something wrong with the wiring of my brain that I became a hobbyist beekeeper? I would not even have consider getting a tow bar put on my trusty steed if I didn’t have beehives to… Continue reading Loose wire

I definitely need this one. Don’t I?

“It would make the perfect beeswax candle present for my brother. Actually…wouldn’t it be great to make a whole set of beeswax candles for him? He’d LOVE them.”  Click. There! Done! I’ve justified my purchase which of course is (yeah right) totally altruistic. I’m not doing it for myself. I am not buying yet another… Continue reading I definitely need this one. Don’t I?

Double, double, toil and trouble

It’s Halloween and it seems apt that I find myself hovering over a cauldron with wooden frames sticking out over the edge of the bubbling mix of hot water, soda crystals, foaming melted wax, propolis and bee detritus.  I am sure medieval witches were beekeepers as the charming of bees must have seemed as mystical… Continue reading Double, double, toil and trouble

Batten down the hatches

Anyone with any sense would be snuggling up on a couch in front of an open fire, not that there are too many of these anymore in the days of smokeless fuel, wood burning stoves and underfloor heating. The green mesh was nearly ripped out of my hands, flapping like a topsail in the gale… Continue reading Batten down the hatches

Close encounters of the third kind

Druids huddle in a circle around a cauldron with smoke bellowing. The white hooded garb is emitting a luminescent glow… but something’s not quite right, it’s a bright sunny day. It’s not a midnight coven. This feels like a surreal dream, but I too am clad in a brand-new gleaming, white bee suit and join… Continue reading Close encounters of the third kind


Beekeepers have embarrassing secrets. I too have a deep dark beekeeping secret. I am useless at using a smoker!  Using a smoker is an essential skill for any beekeeper.   You’ve seen them, the iconic pictures of beekeepers wielding a smoker with slow, focused Tai Chi movements gently wafting smoke to calm their bees. Their bees… Continue reading Smokin’


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