Gone fishing

Bee keeping forums are a-buzz with beekeepers telling us that they are stacking up supers on their hives which the bees are filling wall-to-wall with honey. Novice beekeepers in contrast, are pleading with their peers for advice and wondering if their hives too should be spilling over with honey now and if not, what are… Continue reading Gone fishing

Bee-loud glade

He: “We have visitors!” Me: Puzzled silence. “They’ve brought their luggage and moved in!” He continued quickly. Me: “Wow!” Penny dropping. “A swarm. Which box?” “They were very loud. It was like an airplane directly over my head.” He said excitedly ignoring my question. “I looked up and there was a massive amount of bees… Continue reading Bee-loud glade

Loose wire

As I pace up and down the pavement and I wonder if I too have a wire loose. Is there something wrong with the wiring of my brain that I became a hobbyist beekeeper? I would not even have consider getting a tow bar put on my trusty steed if I didn’t have beehives to… Continue reading Loose wire


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