Getting really up close

“There’s places available and it’s free, would anyone like to attend the microscopy workshop?” The Bee-health officer announced to the beekeepers gathered for one of the weekly winter lectures. It’s funny how the mind works, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to see the magnificence of a bee’s wings up close and to study the variety… Continue reading Getting really up close


As I cycle my bicycle along the country lanes I see large swaths of Rhododendrons. In bloom they are a flashy advertisement of flouncy herbage. Their buds are just forming now and will shortly open in a showy display of pink which look specular in a photograph. However, their beautiful display hides that they are… Continue reading Rhododendron

Bees are planning and conniving

They’re smart you know. Temperatures are below average but the bees still know it’s spring and they are planning shenanigans. May is around the corner you see. Swarming season. Don’t think that your bees are not already taking little notes with the jotters and pens that they keep hidden somewhere in the vicinity of their… Continue reading Bees are planning and conniving


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