My mind drifts as I reach for the next frame that needs to be cleaned. This one was an old brood frame and has hard black comb. Each of the 4,500 individual cells on each side of this Langstroth brood frame is a polished dark brown or near black colour. In the hive it would… Continue reading Framed

The perfect gift

My elderly father liked to see me go away on little adventures to visit remote corners of Ireland on weekend brakes. He wasn’t up to making the trips himself anymore but said it made him feel young again to see me head off and hear my stories when I came back. There was only one… Continue reading The perfect gift

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Batten down the hatches

Anyone with any sense would be snuggling up on a couch in front of an open fire, not that there are too many of these anymore in the days of smokeless fuel, wood burning stoves and underfloor heating. The green mesh was nearly ripped out of my hands, flapping like a topsail in the gale… Continue reading Batten down the hatches


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